Hope Families

Who are the Hope Families?


The Hope Families are among the poorest of the poor in La Villa de San Francisco, Honduras.  Most of these families are living in shacks, with several members sleeping in one bed or on a dirt floor.  Unemployed single mothers could not provide sufficient food for their children.  their drinking water was unclean, laden with parasites and they had no access to medical treatment.  without money to purchase required school uniforms and supplies their children were not permitted to attend school. No goverment agencies exist to help such families,  Members of the Honduras Hope Mission Team saw the need and established the Hope Family Sponsorship Program.

The Goal Is To Break the Poverty Cycle


In addition to food, education and housing support the Hope Families are also given opportunities to participate in cooperative business enterprises, which are organized by the Hope Mothers themselves. currently, these include a tortilla making business, a beauty service and two seamstress businesses. These co-ops provide supplemental income for the families involved, plus training in operating a small business, with the goal being to enable the others to become selfsufficient.

What Does a Hope Family Receive From Our Mission?


  • Basic food staples: corn meal, beans, rice, pasta, eggs oil, flour, cereal, and two chickens. 
  • School uniforms and supplies, tutoring, and monitoring.
  •  Rent support for those who are unable to afford adequate housing. 
  •  Priority access to the yearly Honduras Hope Mission medical, dental and vision clinics. 
  •  Water filters that remove bacteria and parasites from their drinking water. 
  •  Mosquito nets to help prevent Malaria, Zika, Chikungunya and Dengue fever. 
  •  Beds, tables, chairs and storage shelves. 
  •  Classes in child-rearing, family relationships and finances. 
  •  Training in health and first aid. 
  •  Spiritual guidance and encouragement. 
  •  Weekly youth program. 
  •  Access to computer lab & the Internet. 

How Can I Help?


Become a Food Sponsor:

For $30 a month, you can provide the basic food

staples to support one family.

Become an Education Sponsor

For $30 a month, you can provide the basic school

needs for a child, and for the opportunity for a

family to participate in the weekly youth program,

Bible study, tutoring and computer lab.

Become a Housing Sponsor

For $30 a month, you can provide the funds to

supplement a family’s housing expenses, which

will enable the family to move into adequate

housing with at least the minimum level of


Become a Mission Partner

Make a financial gift of any amount, which will be

used to enable the Honduras Hope Mission to

purchase medicines, water filters, mosquito nets,

Bibles, furniture, and first-aid kits for the Hope

Families, plus provide medical care for almost   

2000  Hondurans each year.

Become a hope family sponsor

Just $30 a month can help families with housing, food, and school supplies.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card